Flat Jesus: The Resurgence

Spring 2020

Feeling stuck at home???
Well, don’t forget that you’re never alone!
Flat Jesus is with you wherever you are!

What is Flat Jesus?

Flat Jesus is based on Flat Stanley, the star of a book by Jeff Brown, who wakes up one day and finds he is flattened to half-an-inch thick and then has adventures as he travels around the world.

Since many of us are keeping close to home during the COVID-19 epidemic, we can use Flat Jesus as a way to stay connected to our Sisters and Brothers in Christ. Pastor Dave will post a different challenge to our Bayport UMC Community Facebook group each week. Post your pictures in the comments under his post so we can all see what Flat Jesus has been up to!

How to create your own Flat Jesus and share your photos

You can download your Flat Jesus below (right click the image to Copy or Save As). We suggest printing him on cardstock paper, but any paper will do. Just color and customize Flat Jesus and take pictures of him engaging in the weekly challenges: