Disaster Relief

United Methodist Committee On Relief (UMCOR)

UMCOR provides relief kits and volunteer Early Response Teams (ERTs) to those who experience a disaster.  When you give to an UMCOR Advance, 100% of your donation goes to relief efforts.  (UMCOR’s overhead costs are dealt with through the UMCOR Sunday special collection.)  Give to UMCOR through the button below, or through your local United Methodist Church (Advance #901670 for disaster relief):


Mission Central HUB

Natural and human-made disasters are a part of life.  Bayport UMC is helping our neighbors by collecting and assembling UMCOR relief kits.  Should a disaster ever occur on Long Island, our church will be able to distribute relief supplies to the community, and excess supplies will be forwarded to Mission Central and distributed to people all over who experience a disaster.  Mission Central works with UMCOR (see above) and the churches in its network to show Christ’s love by caring for our neighbors!

Volunteers are always welcome, as are donations of materials or funds towards relief kits.  We are currently receiving the following supplies or completed kits (see below).  Volunteers can download a copy of the HUB Manual 4.22.20.

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Cleaning Bucket Materials

  • 5-gallon bucket with resealable lid
    • Buckets from fast-food restaurants or bakeries can be used if washed and cleaned
    • Do not use buckets that have stored chemicals such as paint or pool cleaner
    • Advertisements on the outside are acceptable
  • Liquid laundry detergent (one 50-oz. or two 25-oz. bottle(s) only)
  • Liquid household cleaner (12‐16 oz. liquid cleaner that can be mixed with water; no spray cleaner)
  • Dish soap (16‐28 oz. bottle any brand)
  • 1 can air freshener (aerosol or pump)
  • 1 insect repellant spray (6‐14 oz. aerosol or spray pump with protective cover)
  • 1 scrub brush (plastic or wooden handle)
  • 18 cleaning wipes (handi wipes or reusable wipes; no terry cleaning towels; remove from packaging)
  • 7 sponges (hand-sized; remove from wrapper; no cellulose sponges due to mold issues)
  • 5 scouring pads (remove from wrapper; no stainless steel, Brillo pads, or SOS pads; nothing with soap built in)
  • 50 clothespins
  • Clothesline (one 100-ft. or two 50-ft. lines; cotton or plastic)
  • 24-roll heavy-duty trash bags (33- to 45-gallon sizes; remove from box)
  • 5 dust masks
  • 2 pairs kitchen dishwashing gloves (durable enough for multiple uses; remove from packaging)
  • 1 pair work gloves (cotton with leather palm or all leather)

Hygiene Kit Materials

  • 1 hand towel (15 x 25 inches to 17 x 27 inches; Kitchen, cleaning, and microfiber towels not acceptable)
  • 1 washcloth
  • 1 comb
    • Comb needs to be sturdy and longer than 6 inches long
    • No pocket combs or picks
    • Rattail combs and combs without handles are acceptable with a minimum of 6 inches of teeth
  • 1 metal nail file or nail clippers (no emery boards)
  • 1 bath-size soap (3 oz. and larger; no Ivory or Jergens soap due to moisture content; keep in original packaging)
  • 1 toothbrush (adult size only; keep in original packaging)
  • 6 adhesive bandages (common household Band-Aids; ¾ inch to 1 inch-size)
  • 1 plastic bag (one-gallon size sealable bag)
  • $1.00 to purchase toothpaste

School Kit Materials

  • 1 pair blunt scissors (rounded tip only, no plastic scissors)
  • 3 pads of paper
    • Spiral- or top-bound pads
    • 150 sheets or less of loose-leaf paper can be substituted for 1 pad
    • Combination of spiral, top-bound, side-bound, or loose-leaf paper is acceptable
    • No composition books
  • 1 hand-held pencil sharpener (at least 1 inch long; remove from packaging)
  • 1 30-centimeter ruler (hard or flexible; cartoon characters acceptable; no advertisements)
  • 6 unsharpened pencils (cartoon characters acceptable; no advertisements, religious, patriotic, military, or camouflage symbols)
  • 1 2-inch or larger-size eraser (cartoon characters acceptable; no advertisements, religious, patriotic, military, or camouflage symbols)
  • 1 24-count box of crayons
  • 1 14×16 inch cloth bag
    • Homemade or purchased bags are both acceptable
    • Heavy-duty fabric only, such as denim, corduroy, drapery fabric, etc.
    • No advertisements, religious, patriotic, military, or camouflage symbols, please
    • Closures are optional but must be buttons, snaps, or Velcro sewn in middle of opening, if used