Interested in donating something to help someone?

Ongoing Collections:

Bottles for the Brave” by Blue Star Mothers:  Redeemable plastic water bottles are being collected for our military men & women.  Funds from these redeemable water bottles will help create a better life for our service members and their loved ones.  Drop Off Locations include our Parish Hall as well as the Byron Lake Oakdale parking lot & Islip’s Town Hall parking lot.  For more information, please call (631) 394-6267.

Sunday School:  Our intentions are to teach our children to help take care of God’s Earth, as well as use the money to serve the needy in the local area.   Sunday School continues to collect any and all 5 cent deposits.  All recyclables can be placed in either of our two cans that are labeled “Sunday School” in the Parish Hall or in front of the Sunday School Office. You may also do the bottle returns at home and donate the money in an envelop labeled “Recycling for Sunday School”.  Please note, this is a different collection than the Veteran’s “Bottles for the Brave” collection.

If you have any used ink cartridges, please consider donating them to the Sunday School. The funds from the recycled cartridges are used toward our supplies.  There is a box located in the Parlor for the ink cartridges.

“Our Bags of Hope”:  Packages of paper towels, toiletries, combs/brushes, diapers, disposable wipes & razors, and pocketbooks as well as new children’s books, crayons, puzzles, and small toys are being collected for the non-profit organization called “Our Bags of Hope”.   Please consider dropping off a donation to help survivors of domestic violence.  For more information, please e-mail

Seasonal Collections:

School Supplies:  School supplies are collected for distribution to children early in June.

Thanksgiving “Baskets”:  Non-perishable goods such as vegetables (corn, string beans…), sweet potatoes/yams, applesauce, and cranberries.

Easter Baskets:  Fill the Easter baskets with non-religious items and drop them off to be delivered a just before Easter each year.