Flat Jesus

http://www.bayportumc.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Flat_Jesus_HolyMoly-1.jpghttp://www.bayportumc.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Flat_Jesus_HolyMoly-1.jpgFlat Jesus

A way to keep Jesus with you this summer and stay in touch with your church family

What is Flat Jesus?

Flat Jesus is based on Flat Stanley, the star of a book by Jeff Brown, who wakes up one day and finds he is flattened to half-an-inch thick and then has adventures as he travels around the world. Many churches have distributed paper Flat Jesuses to their congregation to encourage them to keep Jesus at the center of their lives, especially in the summer when many people are traveling and far from their church home. As people are out and about, they’re encouraged to bring Flat Jesus with them and photograph him with them during their activities. Then the photos are shared with the rest of the congregation. Everyone, not just families with children, are invited to participate in this project.

How to create your own Flat Jesus and share your photos

¨ Pick up a Flat Jesus in the sanctuary; you can take a Flat Jesus which is already colored in or one you can color yourself. You can also download a Flat Jesus here: 

Take your Flat Jesus everywhere with you and take plenty of pictures. Send your pictures to by email to Pastor David at seniorpastor@bayportumc.org.

Have fun!